automatic call distributor


When it began, WhatsApp was considered as an informal means of communication. Currently, after adapting to the application users' new needs, it has become one of the best channels to carry out customer service campaigns and to deliver reports to prospects.

Today, there is WhatsApp App (the mobile application) and WhatsApp API, which stands for Application Program (API). The latter allows you to receive and send messages through Conversso with the help of MessageBird, a intermediary that allows the approval of a free WhatsApp account with a corporate number of your company.

Some of WhatsApp API benefits for your business include:

  • The used number is unique and unrepeatable: this gives your company security to keep your phone number and avoid any fraud.
  • Your agents will be able to see all incoming messages on your company's WhatsApp and will be able to answer through the same number.
  • All employees will be able to follow up on each client in a customized way at the time they receive the message.
  • It will allow you to use text templates that will be sent automatically when a customer contacts you.
  • Thanks to WhatsApp API, you will be able to boost your communication with clients from all over the world and will contribute to the improvement of secure, reliable, intuitive and flexible communication.