CRM: Customer Relationship Management



CRM is a very useful tool focused in logistics and customer management procedures. Conversso can integrate our CRM (SaleXops) as you need it. SaleXops can be personalized according to your business needs: from a great agenda that automatically gathers all your transactions information with your customers, automatize transactions according to a specific campaign, to show procedure indicators both internal and external.

The customer relationship management that SaleXops provides can offer multiple benefits that will allow you to gestion your continuous compromise with your customers and partners.

Union of SaleXops and Conversso benefits:

  1. Register, storage, manage and visualize customer data such as: name, address, company, position, etc.
  2. Scheduling meetings and activities that involve customer support.
  3. Data and commentaries collection about accorded topics such as: cotizations, commercial conditions, etc.

Counting on a CRM strategy will provide you many benefits and that will be reflected in your company profits.