Live Chat

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There are products or services that require the security of speaking with someone who explains or guides you in making a decision about the purchase. If your business needs it, the live chat service is ideal to assist your customers and/or prospects to improve their shopping experience.

Learn about the benefits of Live Chat:

  1. It will help you increase sales and conversions: you will be able to answer questions or concerns to your customers. A live chat helps increase conversions and sales of your website. It is estimated that this tool increases conversions by 20%.
  2. It will improve customer satisfaction levels: a large part of customers find live chat a very useful tool during the purchase process. In fact, having the chat button on your site helps to inspire confidence as it shows availability of attention.
  3. If your business has a website or is an e-commerce, far from waiting for your client to call or get in contact through of your website, you may decide to use an online consultancy. This will be increasing your sales, your customer service will be able to receive or make calls and your business will be in continuous growth.