Terms & Conditions of Conversso Service

Thank you for choosing Conversso.

Grupo Bizopps S. de R.L. de C.V. (hereinafter “Grupo Bizopps”), declares to be a legally constituted company in accordance with Mexican law, with address at Blvd. Antonio Quiroga No. 21, Building N3, Level 2, Colonia El Llano, C.P. 83210, in Hermosillo, Sonora, and signs this privacy notice in compliance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties. The personal data that you (hereinafter the “Owner”) have provided through Conversso, to Grupo Bizopps, have been collected and will be processed by Grupo Bizopps under the principles of legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality, and responsibility, in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties.

if you fulfill the minimum age requirements, you can create a Conversso account through Grupo Bizopps. You are responsible for what you do with your Conversso account, including taking the necessary steps to keep your account safe. We recommend that you periodically use the security patch. Minors or Conversso users who have been suspended or permanently disabled may not use Conversso services.

Conversso, by Grupo Bizopps, allows the user to enable customer service channels securely in the cloud. Such communication channels include Telephony, Live Web Chat, Mail, Social Networks, among others.

By accessing, downloading, or using Conversso, you agree to the following:

  1. These Terms & Conditions of Conversso Service
  2. Grupo Bizopps Privacy Policy.

it’s essential to carefully read each of these two documents, starting with this document which is the Terms and Conditions of the Conversso Service, which explain the Privacy Policy and the responsibilities when using the content of Conversso.

In addition to these Terms and Conditions of the Conversso Service, we also publish the Privacy Policy. Although it is not part of these Terms and Conditions of the Conversso Service, We encourage you to read it to have a better understanding on how you can update, manage, and delete your information.

By accessing and using this service, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and provisions of this agreement. Likewise, when using this private service, you will be subject to any corresponding rule or user guide that Grupo Bizopps has published for said service. Any participation in this service will constitute acceptance of this agreement. If you do not agree to abide by the above, please do not use it.

The Conversso Service Platform and its original content, features and functionality are property of Grupo Bizopps and are protected by international copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets and other intellectual property or proprietary rights laws.

Personal data

To sign up, it is strictly mandatory that the Owner truthfully provide the personal data required by Grupo Bizopps through Conversso, which will be treated through the Grupo Bizopps Privacy Policy, for the protection of personal data.

Intellectual Property Rights

The contents of the screens related to the Grupo Bizopps services, as well as the programs, data bases, networks, and files, allow the User to access their account, these are owned by BizOpps Group and, consequently, are protected by international standards of copyright, trademarks, patents, models and industrial designs. The improper use and total or partial reproduction of said content is prohibited, unless expressly authorized in writing by Grupo Bizopps.

Penalties. Termination of Operations.

Without prejudice to other measures, Grupo Bizopps may: warn, temporarily suspend or permanently deactivate a user account; negatively impact their reputation through penalties imposed; hold them responsible for indemnifying the damage caused; initiate the actions it deems pertinent and /or suspend the provision of its Services, for any of the following reasons:

  • If you violate any law, or any of the stipulations of the Terms and Conditions of the Conversso Service and other Grupo Bizopps policies
  • If you breach your commitments as a User
  • If you, at Grupo Bizopps’s discretion, incur in fraud or fraudulent conduct or acts
  • If the identity of the User cannot be verified or if any information provided by the user is wrong
  • If the user implements any action or use of a device, software, or other means tending to interfere both in the activities and operations of Grupo Bizopps and in the database

Any interference, attempt or activity that violates or is contrary to the laws on intellectual property rights and/or the prohibitions stipulated in this contract will make the person responsible liable for the corresponding legal actions, and the sanctions provided for in this agreement, as well as holding him/her responsible and to compensate any caused damage.

system failure

Grupo Bizopps is not responsible for any damage, harm or loss to the User caused by failures in the system, in the server or on the Internet. Grupo Bizopps will not be responsible for any virus that could infect the User’s equipment because of access, use or examination of the Conversso Service Platform or because of any transfer of data, files, images, texts, or audio contained therein, as well as any other information sent with the use of electronic means. Users may NOT hold Grupo Bizopps responsible or request payment for lost profits, by virtue of damages resulting from technical difficulties or failures in the systems or on the Internet. Grupo Bizopps does not guarantee continuous or uninterrupted access and use of its site. The system may eventually be unavailable due to technical difficulties or Internet failures, or due to any other circumstance out of Grupo Bizopps’ control; in such cases, efforts will be made to restore it as quickly as possible without any type of responsibility being attributed to it. Grupo Bizopps will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions contained in the Conversso Service Platform.

Respect for others

Our service allows you to interact with other users. We want to keep a respectful environment, therefore you must follow these basic codes of conduct:

  • Comply with applicable legislation.
  • Respect the rights of others, including privacy and intellectual property rights.
  • Do not bully or harm others or yourself (or coerce or encourage such behavior), for example, through deception, fraud, defamation, harassment, bullying or stalking.
  • Do not misuse the service, or damage, interrupt or interfere with it.

If action is taken on a misuse report, we will do so following a fair process.


This license covers the content of your personal data, as it is protected by intellectual property rights.
Personal, which means that it is not extendable to anyone else.
Non-transferable, which means that you are prohibited from transferring it to third parties.
You may not copy, modify, distribute, sell, or rent any part of our service or software. You also may not reverse engineer or attempt to extract the source code of our product without our written consent or unless permitted by applicable law.


This license is worldwide (valid in the participating countries).
It has monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payment methods, which means that you must pay a fee for this license.


Each license is valid for the contracted time.

Users’ responsibilities

Except for the rights and responsibilities described in this section (In case of problems or discrepancies), Grupo Bizopps will not be held responsible for any other loss unless it is due to your breach of these terms.
For business users and organizations only.
If you are a business user or organization, to the extent permitted by applicable law:

  • Compensate Grupo Bizopps and its managers, administrators, employees, and contractors for legal procedures of third parties (including actions carried out by government authorities) that may derive from or are related to their illicit use of the services or the infraction of these Conversso Terms and Conditions of Service. This compensation covers any liability or expense arising from claims, losses, damages, lawsuits, fines, procedural costs, and legal services fees.
  • Grupo Bizopps will not be held responsible for:
    • Profit loss, income, business opportunities, goodwill, or anticipated savings.
    • Indirect or derivative losses or punitive damages.
    • The total responsibility of Grupo Bizopps coming from or is related to these Terms and Conditions of Service of Conversso, is limited to the amount that is greater between these two: (1) 500USD or (2) 125% of the rates that the Owner has paid to use the services in question during the 12 months prior to the breach.

If the Owner is legally exempt of certain responsibilities, including compensation, such responsibilities do not apply.


Owner shall compensate and hold Grupo Bizopps, its subsidiaries, controlled and/or controlling companies, directors, administrators, representatives and employees harmless, regarding any claim or lawsuit from other Users or third parties for their activities on the Conversso Service Platform or for your breach of the Conversso Terms and Conditions of Service and other Policies that are understood to be incorporated herein or for the violation of any laws or rights of third parties, including attorneys’ fees in a reasonable amount.


Before taking any action listed below, we will give you reasonable notice when possible, explain the reasons for our actions, and give you an opportunity to remedy the problem, unless we have a reason to believe that doing so, would:

  • Cause damage or incur liability for a user, a third party or Grupo Bizopps.
  • Violate the law or an order of a judicial authority.
  • Endanger the operation, integrity, or security of our services.

Likely Modifications to our Terms & Conditions of Service

Grupo Bizopps reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions of the Conversso Service from time to time, as it sees fit; for example, when you add services, features, technologies, prices or benefits (or remove those that have been made obsolete); for legal, regulatory or security reasons; o to prevent abuse or damage; furthermore, continued use of the Conversso Service Platform will mean your acceptance of any adjustments to such Terms and Conditions of the Conversso Service. If there are any changes to our Terms and Conditions of the Conversso Service and/or Privacy Policy, we will announce on our Conversso Service Platform that such changes have been made, and provide an opportunity to review the changes, except when we launch a new service or a new feature; or in urgent situations, such as those seeking to prevent ongoing abuse or respond to legal requirements. If there are any changes to our Conversso Service Platform regarding how we use our customers’ personally identifiable information, we will send an email notification to those affected by the change.

Any changes to our Terms and Conditions of the Conversso Service and/or our Privacy Policy will be posted on our Conversso Service Platform 15 days before such changes takes place, coming into effect 10 (ten) days after publication. In the event that the Owner does NOT accept said modifications, he must notify Grupo Bizopps by email within 5 (five) calendar days following the publication of the implemented modifications; in this way, the contractual bond will be terminated, and you will be disqualified as a User as long as you do not have outstanding debts. After this period of 5 (five) calendar days following the publication of the implemented modifications, since the Owner has not expressed his disagreement via email to Grupo Bizopps, it will be considered that the Owner ACCEPTS the new Terms and Conditions of the Conversso Service and/or Privacy Policy, and the contract will continue to bind both parties. Therefore, you are advised to re-read this statement on a regular basis.

Jurisdiction & Applicable Law

These Terms and Conditions of the Conversso Service will be governed in general by the laws in force in the Mexican Republic, in particular regarding data messages, electronic contracting and electronic commerce will be governed by the provisions of the federal legislation applicable to the case. Any controversy from this agreement, its existence, validity, interpretation, scope, or fulfillment, will be submitted to the applicable laws and to the competent Courts.

For the interpretation, fulfillment and execution of this contract, the parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the competent federal courts of the City of Hermosillo, Sonora, consequently renouncing any jurisdiction that may correspond to them due to their present or future domicile.

In case a given term is not valid or enforceable, all other terms will not be affected.